Rejected Interview Question and Answer - Captains of the GB U24 teams

The ShowGame recently published some interviews with the GB U24 teams. Click here for the Men's piece, here for the Mixed piece, and this rather long bit here for the Women's piece. These interviews were compiled as the result of a long sit down between the captains of each team, and Harry Mason. tSG then took a careful look at all the questions, and selected the ones they thought would form a compelling narrative, while representing the high level of professionalism the teams should hold themselves to.
Read on for all the questions considered that were considered too dull, cut for length, and/or not professional enough for the ShowGame's standards. Because of that, please consider these as the captains' words, rather than those of the team. They will be published here without much editing or thought for order, because we're too busy representing our country at the highest level/playing a silly indoor tournament (delete as appropriate for each editor) to take time for such things. Except for some censorship in the Men's interview, of course.

Settle down and enjoy some lovely interview questions. Photo from the GB U24 Mixed page 
Claire, Georgia, Bailey, Alice and Amelia (GB U24 Women captains)

What was going through your head when you wrote that application for GB? Were you nervous? Confident?
Georgia & Bailey: That was such a long time ago.
Claire: I feel sorry for anybody who read my application before I handed it in, definitely stressed a fair bit about the written part as I wasn't living in the UK at the time.
Alice: it was SUCH a long time ago.

A kangaroo approaches your team. Who is first to run away, who is most likely to try to fight it?
Georgia: Ellie Taylor, she’s speedy gonzales.
Bailey: Cat Pope
General consensus agrees Cat!Bailey: Gabi would fight it, she is feisty as f***.

Most injury prone?
Claire: For a single injury probably me, given the amount of shoulder tape I get through... although Lauren Mounteney has been on crutches an unrivalled 7 times!
Bailey: But she can do a back flip!

Best cook?
All: Amy van Zyl’s Mum Elizabeth after the amazing feast she cooked us for our November training camp!
Bailey: Hero and legend of the U24 Women’s team!


All: Gabi

Who can lift the most? 
All: Amelia or Lauren

Coach’s pet?

Favourite Coach?
All: It’s gotta be Kit!

Charlie and Alexis (GB U24 Mixed)

So, with all that prep, how do you think you will do at Worlds? Are there any teams you're particularly looking forward to matching up against?
Alexis: I believe we can win Worlds. It will be hard, but all achievements take hard work and start with a bit of belief. I'm excited to face the USA, they are probably the favourites to win and I want to show them what we have got. Nothing is impossible if we take as it comes. At the right moment, we could be the best team there.
Just don't win half against the USA and chump it like one GB U23 Mixed team i could mention...
Alexis: If we win half, we will win the game. You heard it here.

Are you guilty of wearing the GB vest too much in non-GB circumstances (e.g. at uni trainings, around the house, in bed, etc.)
Alexis: I don't think I am guilty of this! But I do wear my Spain kit a lot... I'm kidding of course
Charlie: Not at all for me! I think they're pretty gross. Since it's reversible the material is double-thickness - it really sticks to you at the gym (gross). The GB bro-tank that I recently got might be a different story though.

Any chance we'll see the dance moves from your video again as goal celebrations? 
Charlie: That'll depend on if you're dedicated enough for the 3am streams...

Any argument to the general public about why they should get up early/stay up late to follow you?
Alexis: I think U24s gets better every cycle and the quality this year is going to be amazing. If you want to keep up to date with GB and watch our highlights it is worth the lack of sleep!

Any words of support to those who want to support you but can't face the lack of sleep?
Charlie: Sleep is important and I totally empathise with those people! Words of encouragement will always be appreciated, whatever time of day they arrive for us in Australia - so if you want to do that at a sensible UK time we'd still love to hear the support! It'd be great for us to wake up to messages of encouragement from back home every morning in Perth (hint hint!).

Who on your team has been most fun to get to know?
Charlie: Isn't that a bit like asking your parent to pick their favourite kid?
Alexis: One-can Khoo
Why is he called one-can?
Alexis: That's when Khoo becomes a party animal
Charlie: Khoo's always a party animal.

What are some cool hidden talents you've found out your team members have?
Charlie: Well, Sunny is a master of online video game seduction.

Who is the coach's pet?
Charlie: Mazzon
Alexis: 100% Mazzon

Next question then - who is Mazzon's pet?
Charlie: Can I say Callum? Or maybe Fraser. They had a serious bonding moment about Zezima (the noted Runescape player) in Denmark.

Which spirit category do you think you'll do best in at Worlds?
Charlie: Positive attitude and self-control.

Final question: Who do you like better, Callum or Mazzon?

Charlie: Callum. We already got asked this by Jo and Bea! You'll have answers from the whole team soon enough. 😉
Alexis: Callum too!

Gabe, Axel and Olly (GB U24 Men)

What was going through your head when you wrote that application for GB? Were you nervous? Confident?
Olly: “Does an application to play frisbee really have to be this long?”
Gabe: I really thought they were going to not invite certain people based on the application, so I'm pretty sure I ended up putting in more effort than I have for my dissertation.
Olly: On a level though, pure excitement, having played internationally before it’s always an amazing experience!
Axel: I figured with a £50 trial that they'd take everyone in so I just turned up at the event having put my name on the form… jkjk.
(Editor's note: For a list of all the stuff that sort of money actually went on, click here)

Which has been the best training location? Were you all excited they actually had trainings in Scotland this time around? 
(Editor’s note: Harry got this wrong. The Women’s and Mixed team trained up in Scotland. The captains correctly called him out for this.)
Axel: Wait we were in Scotland? Durham is not Scotland, though the English will tell you it is...
Gabe: We didn't get any trainings in Scotland unfortunately so they were all a pretty big pain, pretty sure Ryan (who lives in the Shetlands) is still on his way back home from last weekend's training in London. Listening to the English moan about having to go all the way to Durham was jokes though.
Olly: Pure gym in Chester. I don't think you can really beat the National Football Centre at St George’s Park though?
Axel: I think Durham was as far for us as the southern folk and that was the furthest north. But seriously St George's Park was amazing as was the indoor bubble we played at last training in London.

Which skill did you guys take longest to get as a Fresher (or experienced player)?
Olly: Getting rid of the air bounce.
Gabe: Being tall, they say you can't teach it but I'm still trying.
Axel: I was air bouncing all my flicks, so upwind forehands were a challenge as a fresher. I could throw a chicken wing better than a forehand upwind, so much so that my captain at Tour in my first year told me to throw them instead.

How are you guys going to handle the Australian heat?
Gabe: Our secret is, simply put, mans not hot, mans never hot.
Axel: I think that we have to apply some oil to make the most of that burning sensation. But that's only if you take off your jacket.
Olly: Carrot oil and factor 10.

Who on your team is going to cope worst in the heat?
Olly: Josh Awcock, ginger. Man will get hot.
Axel: Josh.
Gabe: Josh for sure, most of the fees people paid for the Dev Squad actually went to buying enough sunscreen for him.

Are you guilty of wearing the GB vest too much in non-GB circumstances? (e.g. at uni trainings, around the house, in bed, etc.)
Axel: I actually framed it and now it adorns my living room, which of course is pay to enter.
Gabe: I actually had to get it surgically removed from my skin earlier this year as I had grown around it.
Olly: I’ve never actually taken it off... I hide it underneath everything I wear, call me Frisbee’s answer to Clark Kent.

Now for the big question. Who looks best in the GB vest?
Olly: Has to be Dec Cartwright doesn’t it? Best looking man in Frisbee.
Axel: It's gotta be between Piers and Conrad, one is a perfect model for the active male, the other your catwalk goddess.

Do you have any good chants or hype up songs?
Axel: We really enjoy clapping as a team. Just all the time, it's fun and polite!
Gabe: A good polite clap, the proper British way. Not that I would know.
Olly: Have you not heard Big Shaq.
Axel: But Loch Lomond gets me going like nothing else.

What is the best (or most surprising) bromance that has formed in the team?
Axel: I just don't understand how me and Gabe can continue with our height difference. It provides lots of logistical issues! We also used to hate each other, fun fact.
Gabe: It’s true I thought Axel was a banker* and then it turned out he was, but he was my kind of banker*. I’d say Arek and our physio Kenny. It's quite an intense love-hate relationship but expect to see him frequently on the massage table in Perth. Most surprising though is that Axel has survived without both Duncan and Katie, really impressed he hasn't fallen apart.
Olly: Brummie and Mike Guise, they got on like a house on fire. Or Brummie and his feedback forms.
*Editor's note - censored to make it family friendly. I also enjoy unnecessary censorship.

So, does that mean Mike is the coach's pet? If not, who is it?

Olly: Hahaha Mike wishes, definitely.
Gabe: Nick is just such a cerebral player it’s hard to not see him going into a coaching role someday.
Axel: Coach's pet has gotta be Nick Dodd. He just understands the nuances of coaching so well, and lets us know exactly what Brummie meant.
Olly: Although he's quitting fris after Perth.
Axel: I heard he is quitting rugby to coach fris.
Gabe: Rumor mill much.
Axel: #teampolicynottocommentonspeculation

Who has the best chat on the team?
Olly: Its gotta be Seb Allen, he could go on a date with a lamp post if he wanted to.
Axel: Controversially Habgood has the best shanter.
Gabe: Lochlan Fisher so long as you count random noises as chat.
Axel: But Seb will enthuse you with his love of mangos.

Biggest ego? I'm aware this could be a tough one, and also that I'm talking to the captains.

Olly: Ryan Moar, he never shuts up
Gabe: Can confirm from years of captaining at the club and Uni level, he will not stop bigging himself up.
Olly: Conrad's right hand.
Gabe: He's never seen a flick huck he didn't wanna throw.
Axel: You'd be surprised because you don't even know what club he plays for, but Conrad.

A kangaroo approaches your team. Who is first to run away, who is most likely to try to fight it?

Olly: Nick Dodd will fight it. I don't think anyone would run away, but Nick Dodd would definitely punch it in the face. Did you know he had three MMA lessons?
Gabe: Sam Wilson is the first to run, he just likes any excuse to show off his speed.
Axel: Nick Dodd will fight it, but challenge James Mead to fight it better than him (Meado will oblige). Arek will run away as he has assessed the physiological damage this particular individual can do with his special animal equations and decide it's a bad fight to take on.
Olly: Classic Zoologist.

Any words you want to give to the fans who will be getting up early/late to follow you guys and track your progress?

Olly: Fans? You mean family?
Gabe: If you like what you see from him on the D-line, Fergus Claridge is taking applications for a new relationship.
Olly: Unfortunately Ryan Moar is fully booked up.
Axel: Thank you for all your support! Whether we have played against you or you took part in a fundraiser or whatever, it'll be awesome to share our journey down under with you. Also blow Ferg's phone up.

Any words you want to give to the fans who won't be getting up early/late, but will be making at least sort of an attempt to follow along if they remember?

Olly: Fergus would really appreciate it if you followed him on instagram at least.
Axel: When the ting went quack quack quack, you man were ducking. If you can't follow us, follow Big Shaq and Wolly productions. I'm sure our team will be getting deals with them both.

Which category do you think you guys will do best at with Spirit?

Gabe: I don't want to brag but I do give a mean postgame Spirit speech.
Olly: Rules and knowledge, we've all got advanced accreditation so we've got that.
Axel: As the Spirit captain I have full authority over this, sit down boiz. I'm constantly impressed by our reactions to calls, so our self control category should be top. #gabe4prez
Gabe: Of everything didn't think Spirit captain would be the part that got to Axel's head…
Axel: What are you saying about me 😜?

Finally, when you guys win, describe your ideal Facebook profile picture showing off your medal.

Olly: Have you not seen the dog filter on snapchat.
Axel: A medal around my neck, 20 nugs in one hand, 20 nugs in the other.
Gabe: Myself riding Lochlan Fisher majestically into the Aussie sunset like a horse.

Any final words/hashtags?

Olly: #findfergabird
Axel: ******* (Editor's note: censored. Suffice to say it pertains to Axel's personal dislike of a certain Mediterranean Frisbee team, who seem lovely to us and so we've removed it for reasons of taste).
Gabe: #oneGB
Olly: #nickdoddlovesfrisbee
Axel: #findNickakangaroo. I wanna see this fight now.

Final editor's note. The Men's interview makes a lot more sense if you watch this music video.

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