by Hazard

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to say welcome to The Cutting Lane Floor. This is an Ultimate blog to publish all those ideas and articles which are a little rough round the edges.

It might be that the ideas need a little fleshing out. It might be that the article is old and no one got round to publishing it at the time. Maybe it looks cool, but it's a bit too long. Whatever.

The point is, sometimes I end up with an article (that I or someone else have written), and I want a place to publish it. Before, I've just ended up with it hanging loose in the wind. Now, it ends up on The Cutting Lane Floor.

There's still a few standards I'll hold all articles to here. I'll (try to) never post anything offensive, and I'll make the grammar as top-notch as I can. The less/fewer mistakes, the better.

But hey. The trick with anything - with any project or passion - the trick is to start.

Welcome to The Cutting Lane Floor. I hope you like it here.


As an addition, if anyone wants to use this place to publish their own piece, then please feel very, very free to drop me a line. I'll work with you and give you some advice. And then, most likely, we'll publish it. Simple as.

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