The North Exists!?!

by Hazard

In a radical turn of events, some rugged and brave individuals turned up in London in the early hours of Monday morning, looking mildly tanned and babbling about some event held North of Watford.

For a long time, speculation has been going around about why Si Hill (CEO of UK Ultimate) decided not to host a Mixed Tour 2 in 2017. After Mixed Tour 1 in South Wales, fans of the sport were forced to run the London marathon this weekend in order to fill the gap before Mixed Tour 3 in Cheltenham.

However, some people in cow-print shorts have come back, boasting wildly on Facebook about an event they must have travelled six hours north to attend (which surely would have put them outside even the M25 by that point). They were talking about a place known as 'Durham', and teams from the cities of 'Merseyside' and 'Glasgow'.

While there has always been speculation among right thinking folk about such places, it has hitherforeto been dismissed as nothing but rumour. While this certainly doesn't count as hard evidence, it might still be enough to keep some people up at night. It'll certainly fuel the rumours on computer forums for a while to come yet.

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